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Radiographic Evaluation

Our specialty is pre-procurement x-ray evaluation and radiographic diagnosis for K9s during the health screening process. If any pre-existing condition exists, a radiograph will aid in diagnosing a potentially damaging condition, guiding you in your K9 selection process.. For more information about our services, contact us today!

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X-ray Evaluation When You Need Them

Radiographic evaluation is a crucial step in the pre-health screening process for working K9s. We take the effort to deliver what you need in a timely manner. With years of experience in the K9 industry performing imaging diagnostics and pre-purchase evaluations, you can trust us to provide reliable and relevant information for your K9 evaluation and selection..


We are committed to carefully providing an in-depth evaluation. We bring all of our experience to deliver you with the most information to aid you in your best selection of working dogs.

For all of your K9 x-ray needs, you can trust Global K9 Imaging Consultants to provide you with reliable information.

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